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Art place SUPERNOVA is happy to inform and invite to the upcoming event -

You want, but you can’t


Exhibition by SUPERNOVA of July

at Daiktu Viešbutis

T.Sevčenkos g.16A, Vilnius


Vernissage 7 July 7pm – 9pm


An exhibition looks at the poetics of transformation of the real thing we use or are in close tactile and visual contact in our everyday life to objects that is of art. It’s our interpretation on the theme of survival cycles of production and some pure non-functional aspect. This is the same idea that follows countless practices through the rest massive amount art-project-shops all around the present and historical art scene.

Works modeling the exhibition allows for a partial understanding of the content, initiate the act of observing which hopefully could lead to an active task that engages the viewers will to participate, yes, to buy the piece.

Exhibition seeks to foreground emerging artists from Europe who operate and don’t operate with commercial gallery representation. The engagement of and with people forms a central element of their practice, and art is at the core. Their work deals both within and beyond the traditional ideas of an art world and art market considers itself related to.

FAIR ENOUGH attempts to re-address the question regarding the conditions and possibilities for producing and selling art in Baltics and abroad in this new situation created by the recent economical decrease. With this we would like to think we contribute some notes on the current economic crisis and maybe even announce further communication, disclosing the new challenges engaged by the art place (SUPERNOVA, Riga) as well as the changes in the modality of the exhibition activity and of the artists' promotion and sales.

FAIR ENOUGH event is designed to propose self-repositioning and the involvement of public in the midst of the particular contemporary art fair. FAIR ENOUGH captures the social and political context of our time through the art pieces kindly provided by: Kristoffer Akselbo (DK), Paulien Barbas (NL), Ebba Bohlin (SE), Gosia Bojkowska (PL), Ola Buczkowska (PL), Lenka Klodova (CZ), Edgars Kļaviņš (LV), Epp Kubu (EE), John Phillip Mäkinen (FI), Frederik Noren (SE), Mirte Slaats (NL), Margus Tamm (EE), Unstable Thoughts (UKR), Honza Zamojski (PL).

The exibition will be accompanied with the research by Marita Batņa (LV) considering contemporary art market in the world and the Baltics.



+37126537438, tel./fax.+37167228837

Krāmu 3, Rīga, LV-1050

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