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Foto Kvartals

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Ülevaade Läti fotoajakirjast Foto Kvartals nr. 4 2007
Indrek Grigor

Jānis Valdemārs Helmanis. The Gospel is my Academy.
Žanna Helmane

Uldis Muzikants. Master of the Delicate in Photography.
Linda Mīlbrete-Kruglauža

Jānis Mitrēvics. The New Realism and New Revelation through Photography

Irēna Bužinska

Anita Vidzidska. A Museum Photographer

Vladis Celms

Photo Studio of Vasiliy Boryayev. A Bastion of Image Culture

Santa Mazika

Boris Mikhailov. Game with Photogphy

Jekaterina Vikuļina

Jekaterina Vikuļina: Do you see yourself as a photographer, or as an artist who uses photography as a medium?

Boris Mikhailov: I try to use photography as a medium. To be more precise – as an image… Artists do not gather information, they combine it. You have to find information yourself and create art out of it. This is my way. Not every time is successful. You could say that an artist uses photography, but an photographer creates photos. The main thing is seeing you work as art. Photography does not strive for larger spaces. For now it remains mostly in magazines. To compete with paintings, photos have to be hanging on the wall. For a long time photographers have not felt this do be necessary, even the famous classics have not copied images larger than 50x60.

Could you tell about your project Unfinished Dissertation. How did you make it?

BM: … I understood that the image itself is worth nothing and two images placed next to each other both die. Text added meaning to the images; it gave inner life to a boring picture. Thus appeared a series where the pictures were almost anonymous but the texts personal. The result was a kind of poetic work.


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