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Foto Kvartals 1/2008

Ülevaade Läti fotoajakirjast Foto Kvartals nr. 1/ 2008
Indrek Grigor
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Dainis Kārkluvalks “In a house that seems to belong to no-one, in Cīruli”. (From the series “In a Small Village” 2004)

“Depressed by unemployment in Gaviļnieki”. (From the series “In a Small Village” 2004)

Artikkel: Laura Feldberga "Documents of Dainis Kārkluvalks"

“To have a supper – pasta with minced meat – first you have to cut some wood. Okte” (From the series “In a Small Village” 2005)

“In fish-smoking workshop in Ģipka”. (From the series “In a Small Village” 2000)

“Lady who knows all the stories of houses and families of the vicinity of Talsciems”. (From the series “In a Small Village” 2006)

“Everyone cares for his own living. Collectors of scrap iron in Purciems”. (From the series “In a Small Village” 2003)

Žans Marks Karači seeriast “Homo Urbanus Balticus” (Rīga 2007)

Seeriast “Homo Urbanus Balticus” (Viļņa 2007)

Artikkel: Maija Rudovska "Žana Marka Karači homo urbanus" (ilma tõlketa)

Vilnis Vītoliņš “From the series 100 Rooms” (2007.)

Artikkel: Alise Tīfentāle "Exhibition of the Contemporary Photography from Latvia in Moscow"

Anda Bankovska “A dog in St. John`s day” (Miķeļbāka 2006)

Artikkel: Zane Onckule "Anda Bankovska`s garden"

“A girl in hothouse” (Sigulda 2006)

“Matīss” (Rīga 2006)

“A dog” (Dzintari 2006)

“Crane” (Sigulda 2006)

Anda Bankovska: “I like landscapes and still lives though I`ve always felt that human presence makes them more true to life. A man as an essential element of the environment comes to the foreground and stands out against the surroundings, and this is what attracts me.”

Inta Ruka “Jānis Kimmels” (2006. From the series Amalias Street 5. )

“Valentina Kurova” (2004. From the series Amalias street 5. )

Artikkel: Alise Tīfentāle "Exhibition of the Contemporary Photography from Latvia in Moscow"

Siin on üks artikkel Inta Rukast mis minu interpretatsiooniga tahtmatult hästi kokku kõlab: “…the portraits are combined with images of deserted interiors providing an insight into that complex of buildings bringing out the milieu of the portrayed people.” Lisaks on sealt leitav veel väike valik “Amalias iela 5” sarja fotodest.

Arnis Balčus “Me and my colleague Janek” (From the series Contemporary Latvians.)

Artikkel: Alise Tīfentāle "Exhibition of the Contemporary Photography from Latvia in Moscow"

Jānis Gleizds “Autumn I” (1967 isohelia)

Artikkel: Eiženija Anna Freimane "The Unequaled Jānis Gleizds"

“Nude XVII” (silver gelatin print)

“Flower” (1974. toned photograph)


Alise Tīfentāle: "The Pielikums - Supplement - is something like a smaller magazine into the big magazine:) The purpose is to publish information on photography education (texts by latvian students of photography in Latvia and abroad on their experience in different schools and universities) and competitions of photography that take place in Latvia as well as winners of our own Foto Kvartals' readers regular competition. We also have a small section "the first publication" where young beginners can have a page or two for their first public appearance, and each issue of Pielikums is introduced by a theoretic article by Latvian photography teachers that can be useful for young photographers - students or just photo lovers - to think about photography seriously."

Tamāra Zibners “Sabiedrības zemākie slāņi” (2007).

Fotokonkursa AUTO uzvarētāji (Konkursi Auto võitjad)

Jekaterina Žeļežnaka
Berliin 2007.

Laura Hmeļņicka
Pie saldus 2006

Eva Šavdine
Tērvete 2006


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