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MoKS International Summer Art Symposium

August 1-7, 2011


(proposal deadline: 1st of June, 2011)

AVAMAA is an open interdisciplinary collaborative forum for the exploration of art and ideas. This year the symposium will take the form of a main five-day workshop (3 to 4 hours per day) to be attended by all the participants. We are now accepting proposals for the main workshop, which may explore any subject (past AVAMAA workshops have included field recording, circuit bending, silkscreen, biology, experimental performance, collective creation, cooking, archaeology...). In addition to this there will be a series of mini-workshops or events (also 3 to 4 hours per day), led by the participants based on their skills and interests (film screenings, performances, discussion groups, games, hiking etc.).

Return travel costs for a main workshop leader will be covered from a European destination, and an artist's fee will be provided. There will be a small budget for materials. Please send your proposal with a CV to:

MoKS Centre for Art and Social Practice is an artist-run space in the small village of Mooste, in southeast Estonia, about 40 km from the university town of Tartu. MoKS recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary, and has recently begun using it's now fully-renovated homebase at the entrance to what was originally a Baltic-German farmstead, then a Soviet kolkhoz (collective farm), and now a new centre of creative activity in this rural region. For information on past symposiums have a look here:

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