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Online kunstikriitika seminar Helsingis

Soome Kunstiakadeemia ootab neljapäeval 7. veebruaril kell 14 algavale online kunstikriitika seminarile, kus oma tegemisi tutvustavad ja asjade seisu püüavad mõtestada kirjutajad ja toimetajad põhjamaade võrgukriitika väljaannetest Kunsten.nu (Taani), Konsten.net (Rootsi), Kunstkritikk.com (Norra), Mustekala.info (Soome) ja Artishok (Eesti).

Since a large part of today's art criticism is published online, this fact makes us confront several questions. The most poignant of these are probably concerned with the quality and the amount of criticism: the growing number of diverse media: online journals, blogs and discussion forums. What are the affects of this kind of development, and how does it affect the style and form of writings, as well as the practices of evaluating art? How has the fastness of publishing changed the pace of writing about art? Is it possible for virtually anyone to be a critic, and what is the significance of expertise and specialisation today? And further, has online art criticism made changes upon the art market?

These and similar questions will be discussed in the Nordic seminar on Internet Art Publications at the auditorium of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts on February 7, 2013 at 2–6 pm. Participants include writers and editors of various online art journals: Kunsten.nu (Denmark), Konsten.net (Sweden), Artishok (Estonia), Kunstkritikk.no (Norway) and Mustekala.info (Finland). The seminar will take place in English.

14.00-14.15: Opening

14.15-14.35: Introduction: PhD Martta Heikkilä, The Academy of Fine Arts: The Place and Time of Art Criticism Today

Presentations of online journals:

14.40-15.00: Kunsten.nu (Denmark): Matthias Hvass Borello

15.05-15.25: Konstkritikk.no (Norway): Jonas Ekeberg

15.30-15.50: Mustekala.info (Finland): Pirkko Holmberg

15.50-16.10: COFFEE PAUSE

16.10-16.30: Artishok (Estonia): Liisa Kaljula

16.35-16.55: Konsten.net (Sweden): Anders Olofsson

17.00-17.45 Panel Discussion (chair TBA), participants Matthias Hvass Borello, Jonas Ekeberg, Saara Hacklin (Mustekala.info), Liisa Kaljula and Anders Olofsson

17.45-18.00 General discussion and wrap-up

For more information, please contact Martta Heikkilä (martta.heikkila@kuva.fi)

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