neljapäev, september 25, 2008

Non Grata performance`i tuur USA läänerannikul & Lõuna-Koreas

Non Grata Performance Group esines läbi augusti ja septembri USA lääneranniku eri linnades. Anonymous Boh ja Devil Girl Funky Chicken, Little Tom, Mermaid, Horse Cow Collective, Saskia ja Iqtest vastavalt eri linnadele. Ja vahepeal 2 nädalat Lõuna-Korea pealinnas Seoulis.

Tuuri alguseks avati NG näitus Leo Kesting Gallerys Manhattanil New Yorgis performance' ga "Freezing Fire", seejarel Burning Man Festivalil Black Rock City' s teemal American Dream, Seoulis Louna-Koreas KEAF 2008 - Korea Experimenal Art Festival (koosseisus Anonymous Boh and Devil Girl Funky Chicken) ja siis tagasi läänerannikul. Tuur lõppeb performance' ga New Yorgis Leo Kesting Gallery' s 27. septembril 2008. Lisatud pildid performancitest Sacramentos, Seoulis, Davises, Manchesteris, New Yorgis.

Ja artikkel ajakirjast MIDTOWN:

This, ladies and gentleman is the opportunity I've long been waiting for: the chance to write a plug for a real live performance work. Better still, the work is international and mounted by the Estonian art collective Non Grata. Now, before anyone gets crazy and jumps to the typical conclusions that arise when someone says "performance art," stop and think a moment.
Performance work is now part of the global norm with groups like Non Grata forming their own academies over the past forty or so years to educate young artists and give them a proving ground to explore non-traditional means of expression. To simply dismiss this sort of work as strange is too easy. Non Grata has a an impressive CV, having traveled the world with their
work, making stops at places like Coopers Union in New York, the School of Fine Art, Boston, and the Sorbonne in Paris. A collective of 40 artists hailing from Estonia, Quebec, Finland, Canada, Latvia, and the USA. In recent months the group has added local art godfather Steve Vanoni to its ranks, the result of which has brought Non here to Sacramento. Non Grata focuses
itself around a notion of "anonymity," eschewing contemporary art culture and mass media. For them the work is about actions i.e. performance and the connections that are created amongst individuals via the performance. Those who venture out to one of the group's three regional shows in the month of September will be confronted by challenging and possibly confusing
work, and that's OK. Comforting work is easy to find, something that might make youthink is another story.
Saatis Al Paldrok

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