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NONGRATA uhkusega esitleb;


BEAUTY OF THE CAR ACCIDENT part 8: Zeppelin Road in Mountains

Based on true story
Non Grata - Anonymous Boh, Devil Girl & Moggelitoo in Sequences Performance Festival Iceland in Reykjavik ja Seydisfjördur 01.04.11-10.04.11.

Last thing I hear is the snapping of veronica’s garter on her leg, which is a song by Cornelis Vreeswijk, before I fall asleep
And next I wake up and flares show up in front of the car. I cannot do anything to change the situation….
The flares are lit up in every direction, and then the car flies over them….
Like pick up sticks, I guess…
The car goes down into the ditch and whereas your life usually flashes before your eyes before you die…
It did not in my eyes…
The car overturns and we are thrown around I don’t know how many times the car rolled over; it crosses over to the other side of the road way…
The car windshield shatters and it is so beautiful, the millions of small crystal prisms flying around in the dark night raining down on the pavement
In the dark night… My eyes are big and follow the broken glass like chandeliers falling on the black asphalt …
The car continues to slide down the road on it’s rooftop and the car roof is crushed and then the oil and gas begin to leak and flow around…
The road is against my head and it seems as though my hair is being stripped away, the road enters my brain through the meat and my cranium before the
Car finally comes to a sudden halt….
All is dark now and the engine is laying there completely broken into 2 parts
I am hanging upside down still strapped in by my seat belt and I wake up screaming
The people in the back seat wake up having slept through the whole event; surprised they clamber out the side windows….
Confused one runs into the bushes and crouches over in complete darkness………..
Fearing that cars might crash into the car I try to pull on of my passengers out of the window but the window is broken and I am afraid it might

Cut his leg ………
All seems to be conveniently arranged quickly, almost routinely………
Top warning triangle, the car stops
Alert the police and call the ambulance. The phone is lost it also being drunk………….
I can see the ambulance coming and suddenly I go into shock I begin laughing then suddenly begin hysterically crying…
From laughing into crying from tears to laughing uncontrollably….
The crying lasts for a couple of minutes…
I can walk but they tell me to get into the wheelchair….
They place me in the stretcher and I lay there like being in a cage with my hands wrapped straight up in the air…
The police come to me and run a breath test for alcohol, they stick it in my mouth and tell me to blow…
Blow he says…..
I blow into it and it appears that I have less than the minimum blood alcohol limit..
Ofcourse I usually just smoke the hash and have had only a little bit of wine…
I can see how frustrated the cop is and he leans over to me and says: I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU NOT GONE BE OK !!!!
As I lay there I get the feeling that everyone thinks that I am a bad person….
I feel alone, nobody wants anything to do with me or cares about me, and I don’t either, they can take my license away as far as I’m concerned….

Sequences Art Festival

The performance in visual art

The festival 2011 focuses solely on the performance in visual art and will be hosting over 20 Icelandic and international projects. Alongside the performance schedule a three days lecture series will be held in the Icelandic Art Academy discussing the medium. The festival will take place between the 1st and 10th of April in various exhibition spaces around Reykjavík. The festival is in collaboration with The Living Art Museum, Kling and Bang gallery, Icelandic Art Academy, The Reykjavík Art Museum, The House of Ideas, The Nordic House, Hotel Saga and Skaftfell in Seyðisfjörður, center for art in east Iceland.

This will be the fifth time Sequences will be held and the festival will continue its main objective: to focus on performances and time-based art in Iceland and internationally and researching the boundaries of the genre.


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